5 Best Ways to Grow Instagram Organically 

How to grow instagram reach organically

In this article, we will be shedding light on a very important topic: The best ways to grow Instagram organically. 

Instagram is the perfect social platform for entrepreneurs and marketers as it gives them a chance to grow exponentially. Instagram has approximately 200 billion users that tune into the application on a daily basis, out of these one billion people, about 200 million check one business account at least on a regular basis. At the moment Instagram is home to 25 million business accounts, giving it the shape of a gory battlefield where businesses with mediocre growth strategies don’t stand a chance. 

In case you are wondering how you can shine in this overwhelmingly crowded place, then you are not alone. Many like you are wondering the same thing and are trying to come up with ways that can help them grow their Instagram account organically. 

The competition for growth among the brands is quite tangible, with tensions rising as it grows tougher with every passing hour. Not everyone knows the strategy to take their Instagram from zero to millions and hence many opt for dubious practices such as purchasing followers, automating engagement via third-party apps, and using bots to generate likes on their accounts. Such tactics for growing Instagram accounts do not normally work and in order to uphold the integrity of its platform, Instagram might impose a shadowban on such accounts. When subjected to shadowban, the guilty brand’s posts will not show up in followers’ feeds or in search results which will ultimately result in a dip in engagement and death of the account.  

Therefore, before you resort to such shady practices, read our article to know the five best and legit ways to grow Instagram organically. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these five practices and check how they will benefit your account positively.

5 Best Ways to Grow Instagram Organically 

How to Grow Instagram Organically?

Every smart marketer has one rule that they religiously follow and that is before starting any campaign, identify your goals first. So, before you embark on your venture of Instagram growth and prosperity you need to ask yourself, which metrics on Instagram matter the most and how will you know that your brand is growing? Some common key performance indicators are:

  • Website Traffic
  • Engagement per follower
  • Comments per post
  • Link clicks
  • Engagement on Instagram stories 
  • Hashtag usage.

Before you begin the process of growing Instagram organically, you need to first define the goals that you will focus on. once you have a defined set of goals, and can adopt any one or all of the five strategies listed below:

Grow Instagram Organically by Optimizing Your Posts 

Optimize your posts

Keep in mind that on every social media platform, content is king. To optimize your posts in order to catch the viewers’ attention and make a lasting impression you must follow time-tested posting habits. 

  • First and foremost, you must crack Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram takes help from AI to rank posts. The Artificial Intelligence system of Instagram decides which posts will appear first on the feeds of users and which ones will appear last. Normally, the posts from friends and family are ranked higher as compared to posts that are random. Therefore, if you wish your posts to rank higher on your audience’s feed, make sure to like, comment, and DM your intended audience. Furthermore, Instagram also ranks posts on the basis of relevance and user interest. And the algorithm also favors newer posts. Therefore, what you have to do to crack the algorithm is to post consistently, come up with new and fresh ideas for posts, study the behavior of your audience, and create content that is relatable and catchy. 
  • The second step to growing your Instagram account is optimizing your visual content. You must post content on Instagram that has high quality and is optimized for duration and size. Us professional editing tools, filters, and overlays to create eye-catching posts.
  • Last but not least, if you want to grow your Instagram account and optimize your content, you must post during optimal times. With the help of Instagram insights, you can construct a buyer persona for your followers and use it to discover the optimal time for posting content. To access Instagram insights, you will have to switch to a business account. 

Grow Instagram Organically by Keeping Followers Engaged

Even though you have followed the above-mentioned strategy to the T, your engagement numbers are still not looking good. So, why is that and what can you do? A simple answer to your WHY is that your content is not flavorful enough. Therefore, your followers are either dismissing or ignoring your content, skipping through. Therefore, if you have any desire to enhance engagement and grow your account, you need to step on the accelerator.

Brainstorm ideas for your content that will make your audience stop in their tracks and go wow. In case you are having a creative block, you can always make your way to SaveInsta, an Instagram video downloader, and download a few videos from Instagram that will bloom the bud of inspiration in your mind.

Grow Instagram Organically by Using Instagram Shoutouts 

Grow Instagram Organically by User instagram shoutouts

A vital game that almost every successful Instagrammer is playing is the game of co-promotion. To grow your audience and enhance engagement, you can pair up with relevant influencers and swap shoutouts, this strategy is mutually beneficial and helps enhance engagement for both accounts. To find relevant influencers on Instagram, you can use influencer marketing tools, such as hashtag searches. Once you have found a relevant person, you must scan their profile like and comment on their posts, and in the end, DM them about partnering up for a co-promotion. 

Grow Instagram Organically by Regramming Content 

Another great way to enhance engagement, increase followers, and build co-marketing relationships is by reposting or regramming other creators’ content. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, there are certain regramming etiquettes on Instagram that one has to follow. When reposting someone else’s content, you must give credit to the original creator of the content. Keep in mind to never share the work of a professional photographer, designer, or creator. Try to build a healthy relationship with the brand you wish to regram. Also, make sure to get permission for regramming beforehand. 

Grow Instagram Organically by Hobnobbing with Influencers

Hobnob with influencers

Influencers, either brands or individuals, are entities that hold a lot of sway with their followers. Influencers build trust with their followers, having a profound influence on their buying and following decisions. Therefore, by partnering with a renowned influencer, you can not only earn a lot of mileage in terms of follower count, but will also be able to enhance engagement, and sales even. 

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