Best Trending Reels Audio in 2024

Best trending reels audio

We are a generation that thrives on trends. Every day is a new day for conquering the world of Instagram trends. New Instagram songs emerge almost every week, and it has become one heck of a battle to find that perfect one that will put your content in the trending reels section. On Instagram, reels are the top-performing content types, therefore staying up to date with the trending reels and audio is an ace up your sleeve. The search process can be a bit exhausting, but that is what we are here for. We have rounded up the audios that have effortlessly made themselves a part of trending reels on Instagram. 

How to Find Audio from Trending Reels on Instagram

Before we get into the trending audios on Instagram, let’s take a look at how you can download audio from treading reels on Instagram

Instagram’s Search Feature

To download trending audios from Instagram’s search engine all you have to do is tap on the Search Bar, present at the top of the page, and type in it there “trending songs or trending audio” Depending on your needs, you can also search something like “aesthetic sons” or “music for skin care routine”. 

Once you are done with the first step, you can tap on the filter labels as Audios and Tags that you will be able to find at the top of the page. Afterward, scroll down until you find the perfect audio for your reel.  

Instagram’s Creator Account 

Instagram’s creator account is like a gold treasure trove that is updated with new resources and trends from creators on Instagram. These trends and resources play a vital role in improving your Instagram strategy. 

Even though this feature is only available in the United States, it is worth mentioning. In order to view reel trends, first you need to have a professional account. Once on your profile tap on the three-dot icon and then select Reels Trends, from there select reels from hashtags or audio. If, for instance, “See What’s Trending on Reels” appears on your profile, you can tap on it in order to see all the reels trends and discover trending reels audio. 

Competitors Instagram Page 

Your best source of inspiration when it comes to trending reels audio is your competitor’s page. Spy their profile in-depth, check out how they make their reels, and what audios they are using. Try to integrate their strategies into your reels. 

trending instagram audios

Given below is a list of audios that are used in trending reels of 2024 on Instagram:

  • It’s about time
  • Expresso by Sabrina Carpenter
  • Million dollar baby 
  • Jump by Tyla
  • Euphoria
  • West Coast (remix)
  • Fortnight
  • Shark tank audio
  • Gimme more
  • Take my whisky neat
  • Back on 79 by Jungle 
  • Blue Monday 
  • SLAY
  • Praise Jah in The Moonlight 
  • Doja Cat – trauma sound 

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