5 Most Viewed Instagram Videos

5 Most Viewed Instagram Videos

Pushing your Instagram videos in the most viewed category is a difficult task and not many have been able to achieve it. Having the right Instagram tools in your arsenal will do you no good if you don’t have the winning framework. A winning framework is what ensures that your Instagram videos spread like wildfire. And what better way to get inspiration for a framework than stalking the reels of those who have very effortlessly entered the top Instagram videos category?

In this article, we will take a peek into the world of top Instagram videos and see how the creators have managed to score a spot in this elite category. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Top Instagram Videos 

Lady Gaga, Tattoo

Lady Gaga tattoo

Among the top Instagram reels, Lady Gaga’s was the one that caught our eye. The clip was posted by songwriter, actress, and singer, Lady Gaga in 2019. The video is not only the most viewed but also the most liked on Instagram. The video currently has more than 25 million views and even more fans. In the video, A Star is Born actress only showed a simple tattoo of music notes that beautifully represented G-A-G-A. this video was especially appreciated by the fans with a music background. 

This video is living proof that a little intrigue goes a long way. In your videos, you have to give the audience something to think and talk about. Don’t feed them the entire story rather than keep them guessing. 

Khaby Lame, Learn from Khaby

Apart from depression and anxiety, the pandemic also gave us Khaby Lame. Khaby rose to fame as a social media influencer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes as no surprise that the second most viewed video on Instagram is made by Khaby Lame. The man of fewer words shot a video in which he is seen checking if the flatiron is unplugged or not. 

Khaby built his social media empire around reliability and poking fun at tutorials that make easy tasks complicated. In some videos, Khaby even shows, at the beginning of the clip, the accounts that he is mocking.

From Khaby’s videos, we can deduce that not everything should be taken too seriously. The more authentic, relatable, and fun the video is, the more the audience will appreciate it. 

Letterlapse, Cup of Joe

Letterlapse, Cup of Joe

Lounging at number three along the two Instagram videos is Cup of Joe by Letterlapse. Letterlapse is a page that is dedicated to typography art and uploads lettering designs and pictures. Ever since Cup of Joe was published in 2016 it has managed to bag an impressive 351,781,538 views and counting. The video is a time-lapse that shows the artist designing with the phrase “Cup of Joe”. It is a simple one and does not feature any extravagant effects, but it shows a person having fun and showcasing his passion for creative art. 

This video shows that all you need to make your video viral is to show your passion and have fun while doing it. 

Cochin Aquatics, One Word, Happiness

The viral video by Cochin Aquatics shows a woman feeding a school or ornamental fish known as Koi. The woman is smiling with bliss as she feeds the stunning fish. This video serves as proof that sometimes all you need is happiness and simplicity to win the hearts of people. The unique idea, beautiful message, and impactful vibes that this video portrays were enough to help it land in the category of top Instagram videos. 

Krish Gawaii, GTA Poster with a Dog

Netizens know Krish Gawaii is no new name when it comes to viral videos. Krish is a popular creator who has managed to bag a fan following of millions. His most popular video showcases him and his dog as videogame characters. This 10-second video has managed to win the hearts of many video creators and gamers.

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